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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our BASIC plan is 100% FREE forever! It allows you to gather your reviews into a single dashboard so they are easy to keep track of. You can then display your latest TOP reviews on your website in a Widget. We help your business grow so once you will reach more than 1k visitors you could afford yourself subscribe to our paid plan

START FREE: No Credit Card required!

  1. You can find ReputationAllOver add-on Widget by login to your Reputation All Over account
  2. Click Install Widgetin the top navigation bar
  3. Copy your code Widget or send it to your developers
  4. Follow the instructions to embed Reputation All Over reviews add-on widget into your own website
  5. You are all set!

Yes, reviews contains keywords and unique content which refreshed and added on regularly basis, which is a best practice for SEO. Keywords and ‘Fresh content’ are recommended by Google so they are great for Search Engine Optimization.

Yes! Once you’ve logged in to Reputation All Over Dashboard and linked your Google My Business/Facebook/Other resource of reviews – You could select to import only 4-stars-and-up rating reviews, and afterwards you can filter edit and remove reviews.

TL;DR: Any bad review could be hidden, replied to, and removed


Reputaiton All Over is an Aggregator for reviews. You will see your new reviews from every source you are connected to inside your account’s dashboard. There you can choose if to display them to your users or not. You will also get email notification for them.

Yes, we will notify you through email for every new review you receive so you won’t miss any review. You can turn this option off through your profile settings.

Yes, you can reply to the reviewer directly from the Dashboard!

If you have received a negative review you can hide it from showing it on your website. As a default we are showing only positive reviews. We also highly suggest you to reply to all reviews including the bad ones

Once you have reached the maximum of the monthly unique visitors allowed in your current plan, the popup banner will stop showing up on your website, and you will get notified by an email from us


The option of setting your own branding (ie. Powered by TopAgency) inside the widget is available for pro paid plans only.

Absolutely Not! The script is being loaded Asynchronically from Amazon CDN server, meaning it won’t block or interfere with your website.

The Reputation All Over Reviews Widget can appear in any page you would like to (ie. Homepage, Landing page, Subscription or upgrade page). In any page you’d like to embed it, simply paste the short javscript inside the tag

Simply contact us at support@reputationallover.com and we’ll cancel your Subscription at the end of the current billing cycle.


Easily! It’s a 5 minutes work! You simply login to Reputation All Over dashbaord, copy the Javascript short script, and paste it inside the <body> tag of the desired page (ie. Homepage, landing page, pricing page, etc).

Simply drop us a line at support@reputationallover.com and we will gladly assist you to implement it into your website. We have a great support, try us!

Yes. We provide you with basic configuration settings for the Widget – if to display it on the left side/right side, and the color of it


Yes, we support PayPal and international Credit card payments

Unfortunately, We are currently support only Credit Card payments or PayPal.

Ofcourse, You can enjoy Reputation All Over for FREE as long as you haven’t crossed the 1k unique visitors! Simply sign up for free and embed the Widget into your website. You could enjoy it with the first 1,000 unique visitors free of charge!

Yes, once you pay you will get a receipt and invoice to your mailbox. If you haven’t received, please contact our support at support@reputationallover.com

General help

We believe that we need to proove ourselves in front of you before you spend and dime on us. That is why we give away the reviews platform for free to begin with. Once you will have a milleage with us, and you will see the affect of our Widget to your business, we will be happy to keep escorting your business with our paid plans.

We are a team of Marketing and Development experts who aim to provide with a better user experience of visitors in websites using social proof and User Generated Content power

We are constantly looking for great people to join us. Drop us a line at support@reputationallover.com and lets chat!

Yes, contact us for futrher details about this manner